3D printable files available for HP MultiJet Fusion printers


With regards to keeping the safety parameters of the half-mask as they were certified, we are sharing the printing data only with holders of HP MultiJet Fusion printers of the 4200 and 5200 types and we hope to be able to prepare the data for 500 types as well. After accepting the license agreement and inputting the HP serial number, HP MJF owners can download all the technical data and use it for a non-commercial purpose (i.e. at the price of cost, without a profit margin) in the agreement with the awarded license.

It is good to know that we are not capable to organize the production abroad. It will be up to the MJF holders and/or its partners to secure the suppliers of components needed for complete kit in required quality (i.e. silicone seal, diaphragm to the exhalation valve, external filter and rubber bands to attach the mask to the head). Only the mask body is 3D printed.

Please mind that the certificate is valid only in the Czech Republic as a result of expedited proceedings of the certification enabled thanks to the European Commission's recommendation No. 2020/403. Therefore, for use abroad it is necessary to obtain a certificate and an external filter.

In the following, the information needed to build the safety half-mask is provided. For the half-mask to be completed you need the following components:

  1. The half-mask skeleton, transitional bolt, screw-head and exhalation vent cover. All these parts are supplied in a build ready to be printed on the given HP 3D printer.
  2. The silicone seal. The silicon seal can be molded manually in a mold that is provided as two STL files. The silicone can be any additive silicon certified according to FDA to be compliant for touch with human skin. We have tested Mold Star 31T material (Shore 30) but any other compliant material is suitable too.
  3. Exhalation vent membrane made out of additive silicone having Shore 40 characteristics. The STP file for the membrane is available for download.
  4. Set of attachment accessories such as the clip and the attachment loops. They are provided in a separate build.
  5. Elastic bands in the overall length of 1 meter for one half-mask. We recommend using 6 x 1 mm rubber suitable for powering small free-flying propeller aircraft models (e.g.
  6. The particle filter with a suitable protection level. The half-mask set up is ready to connect a filter by screw-thread Rd 40 x 1/7'' according to EN 148-1 norm. If your filter is equipped with other screw-thread, you can download the drawing of the transitional bolt and design your own that fits the filter available.

The license is provided for free in order to cope with the current Covid-19 pandemic. We expect that the license will be prolonged until the current emergency state ends.

Newer versions of the builds are planned and they will be available at this website. Announcements of new versions will be provided on the public part of the website.

For you to begin, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Download the build to build 4 half masks to have a couple of samples that can be used e.g. for demonstration or certification.
  2. You can check how the half-mask set up fits on your head just by using any elastic bands. You can also print the set of attachment accessories that are available in a separate build.
  3. Contact your local authorities and be sure that they either accept the certificate available at the website (valid for the Czech Republic for a limited period of 3 months due to the current EC exception), or obtain another certificate valid for your region.
  4. With a valid certificate, coordinate production and assembly in your region. For example, producing high-quality seal with the method of gravity molding requires great expertise and the quality of the seal is crucial for the half-mask to comply with the safety requirements. You can get inspired by the use case in the Czech Republic.

Use Case: How is the Production Coordinated in the Czech Republic

Technical support in the Czech Republic is provided by 3Dees Industries s.r.o. who is the official HP 3D Printing distributor in the Czech Republic. 3Dees Industries is coordinating all of the production logistics and masks completion with the 3D HP printer owners involved in the Czech Republic. 3Dess Industries also prepared the printing files for the approved types of HP MJF.

The silicone seal is in the Czech Republic supplied by 3D Tech.

Disclaimer: CIIRC CTU is not responsible for incorrect use of data provided for the production of the CIIRC RP95-3D protective half-mask, its production process, harm to health, property or any other damages that might occur in relation to the production of the protective half-mask and is not responsible for its functionality and safety.

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